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Monday, October 4, 2010

JC's Malcolm McMillan chooses CCSU

The Mount lost out on combo guard Malcolm McMillan to Northeast Conference foe Central Connecticut State this weekend, according to Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun. McMillan was heavily recruited by the Milan regime as well as Robert Burke and company, who offered McMillan relatively early. I'll get to see plenty of his senior season at John Carroll with Bel Air Patch.

There is one positive about the signing:

'“[The team is] always together and they’re like a family. They made me feel right at home,” McMillan said. “I had a great time with the guys. My host was Shemik Thompson. He did a great job showing me around. They work hard, and their main focus is defense and rebounding.”'

Now Thompson can teach McMillan to turn the ball over eight times a game and we won't have to worry about him when they play the Mount.

Updated note: Thompson only turned the ball over eight times once last year, which makes me an a***ole.

As posted by me in comments:

4 TOs:
1/7/10 vs. Monmouth
2/4/10 @ Bryant
2/11/10 vs. RMU
2/13/10 vs. St. Francis (Pa.)
5 TOs:
1/24/10 @ QU
6 TOs:
12/12/09 vs. Albany
1/30/10 vs. FDU
2/18/10 @ MSM
8 TOs:
3/4/10 @ RMU

That's nine games with four or more TOs, but only five with five or more.