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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mount St. Mary's head coaching search

I'm hearing a rumor that the final three candidates are:

-Brion Dunlap, our first assistant who interviews tomorrow

-Martin Ingelsby, ND assistant

-Chris Harney, St. Mary's College (Md.) (DIII) coach. Ironically, this is where coaches Robinson and Engelstad played. Robinson did not play for him but I believe Engelstad did.

I don't know the validity of this rumor, but it would make sense to me. Also, Jamion Christian was recently ousted as a candidate - apparently. I'm rooting for Brion.

I'm not surprised if these are the final three candidates because they would come cheap and all come from schools similar to the Mount in one way or another. Brion is from the Mount, Notre Dame is considered our sister school, and St. Mary's is a small school and it sounds pretty Catholic to me. All are also pretty young, so that makes sense as well. Since Brion is going tomorrow and is likely the final interview, the search committee was probably narrowing the field as much as possible before getting to him because it's a given that he would be a finalist.

Here are the downfalls of the three candidates:

Dunlap: No college head coaching experience.

Harney: No DI head coaching experience.

Ingelsby: Mike Brey may be about to get fired and the hot water he is in might reflect poorly on Ingelsby.

This also means that Pat Flannery might be out of the mix. We probably couldn't pay him enough to get him out of his fundraising position at Bucknell. He probably made a minimum of quadruple what we could have offered him.

UPDATE: This same source tells me that Ingelsby is the favorite. Still just a rumor and I'd have a hard time believing that completely since Brion hasn't had his interview yet.