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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kevin Robinson Jr. is a father (It's not as scary as it sounds)

Congrats to former Mount assistant Kevin Robinson Jr. and his wife, Trish, on the birth of their daughter last night. Here is KRob's status announcing her arrival.

"Welcome to this world Kathleen Nicole Robinson- 8.45 lbs. Mommy and baby are doing great. 21.75 inches, 13.6 in head."

I vividly remember the night I found out KRob was going to be a father. I was in Ott's with some of the players after a game when I texted KRob to come out for some food. He responded saying he couldn't make it but he also couldn't tell me why.

Slightly alarmed by his sketchy justification for not coming, I began to respond asking if everything was OK. Before I could sent the text, he wrote back telling me he had to "spend some time with his pregnant wife." The grizzly-bearded son of a gun couldn't hold it in for more than two minutes after originally saying he couldn't tell me why he wasn't coming out.

Although I haven't seen him in months since the old staff made its move to Worcester, I have talked to KRob on the phone and I know he was extremely excited to become a father. Hopefully he is as cool of a dad as Kevin Robinson Sr.

Congrats again to KRob, who is like a big brother to me. Looks like coach Dan Engelstad is the last one on staff to become a father! (Just kidding, coach. For now.)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

John Daly's fake Twitter?

Someone explain this to me. Someone named "Chris Bath," who I do not know, just showed up on my Twitter feed.

Previous posts under this account appeared as "PGA_JohnDaly." So what the hell happened to John Daly's account? I have a hard time believing it was always fake, but what's up with this Christ Bath BS? Someone solve this madness!

(I just looked back at older Tweets and it's not the first time this has happened. WTH?)

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

This is why I can't bring the radio team back, buddy

The comment box isn't long enough to respond to the last poster, and he/she asks a valid question, though ignorantly.

Here is what the latest anonymous coward said:

"There are those who only know how to complain and bitch about things. Then someone comes along and actually sees a problem and attempts to get a movement going to solve it.

You say the Mount "radio debacle". Why instead did you not:

a. Try to determine how much it would cost to broadcast the away games.

b. Find a way to use your efforts to raise the money to help the Mount?

Over and over in your rants, there rarely is anything remotely positive or forward looking. You need to make yourself a person who lives by the lessons of his Catholic education. Stop ---, Start +++."

You know what Catholics aren't supposed to do? Judge. You either don't know me, or are too cowardly to say these things with a name on your post, or come to me directly.

Let's look at the subjects of my recent posts before this light-hearted one you complain about:

-An update on a recruit we pursued but lost with nothing negative said about the Mount.
-Praise for a new feature on the athletics site
-Praise for the same site's YouTube page
-A neutral schedule update
-A neutral poll about new coaches
-A neutral schedule update
-A positive announcement of a new recruit
-A positive analysis of President Powell's quotes
-A VERY positive analysis of the new lacrosse coach

Do you see a pattern?

So, how much would it cost to have a radio team?

I leave, everything falls apart

I probably listened to a maximum of two Mount basketball radio broadcasts in my lifetime. I attended almost every game – home or away – in the last five seasons. And before that, the only thing I knew about Mount St. Mary's was that I picked against them in my 1995 and 1999 NCAA Tournament bracket. I never needed to listen to the Mountaineers on the radio.

Now I'm graduated, have a real job, and am still passionate about the program for which I gladly gave thousands of hours of time. I want to follow the team, and not just by looking at a box score. I need live results. To say last month's news that the Mount would be dropping its radio broadcasts is a huge dagger is an understatement.

I understand the reason – all the money we used for radio broadcasts now goes to Lindsey Munday (which is a good thing) – but the timing could not be more unfortunate.

I apologize for the domino effect I have caused by leaving the Mount. Upon my announcement, the coaches decided to take a job at Holy Cross. A significant pay increase may or may not have influenced their decision. As a result of that, our original three incoming freshman recruits decided not to come to the Mount. And now the radio debacle.

I would have much rather the school cut the radio program before I even got there. Not only would I have been oblivious that it ever existed, but there would have been a lot more room on the bus, and one less pizza for me to order. (Though Stof was a good guy to have on trips, and Roy always entertained.)

My hope is to attend some home games when I can, and when I can't, I'll watch them on my computer. But now the road matchups will be waiting games that I can only hope are broadcasted in some form by the Mount's opponents. I just hope that most of the games I do miss turn out to be wins.

Monday, October 4, 2010

JC's Malcolm McMillan chooses CCSU

The Mount lost out on combo guard Malcolm McMillan to Northeast Conference foe Central Connecticut State this weekend, according to Matt Bracken of the Baltimore Sun. McMillan was heavily recruited by the Milan regime as well as Robert Burke and company, who offered McMillan relatively early. I'll get to see plenty of his senior season at John Carroll with Bel Air Patch.

There is one positive about the signing:

'“[The team is] always together and they’re like a family. They made me feel right at home,” McMillan said. “I had a great time with the guys. My host was Shemik Thompson. He did a great job showing me around. They work hard, and their main focus is defense and rebounding.”'

Now Thompson can teach McMillan to turn the ball over eight times a game and we won't have to worry about him when they play the Mount.

Updated note: Thompson only turned the ball over eight times once last year, which makes me an a***ole.

As posted by me in comments:

4 TOs:
1/7/10 vs. Monmouth
2/4/10 @ Bryant
2/11/10 vs. RMU
2/13/10 vs. St. Francis (Pa.)
5 TOs:
1/24/10 @ QU
6 TOs:
12/12/09 vs. Albany
1/30/10 vs. FDU
2/18/10 @ MSM
8 TOs:
3/4/10 @ RMU

That's nine games with four or more TOs, but only five with five or more.