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Thursday, December 30, 2010

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Friday, December 17, 2010

BREAKING: Cajou Rejoins Mount

Jean Cajou has rejoined the Mount St. Mary's men's basketball team, according to an individual who was at the ARCC today.

Cajou left the Mount before the fall semester began for a leave of absence due to personal reasons.

I've seen one game on TV this year, parts of two on the computer, and the Loyola game in person. Although coach Robert Burke is doing well transitioning the program to a new coaching staff, I can only think that Cajou's leadership in the backcourt will help the young team.

I'm not sure how soon Cajou will see playing time, but the Mount travels to Albany for a 7 p.m. game tomorrow. (I would guess they were practicing at the ARCC today, as the individual tells me, instead of in Albany, because it is the last day of finals.) I doubt he plays today or Monday against American at home, but you never know.

As well as Lamar Trice is playing, I wouldn't mind seeing him and Cajou starting at 1 and 2 by the time the Mount plays its third conference game Jan. 6. It is possible, though, that Trice is more comfortable coming off the bench. Regardless, I'd like to see how we do with freshmen Josh Castellanos and Julian Norfleet coming off the bench instead and leaving redshirt freshman David Golladay at the 3.

Shawn Atupem should also remain in the starting lineup, but I'd like to see Raven Barber starting fulltime soon if he's completely healthy. Norfleet has a good stroke, but with only a 30 percent clip from 3, and Castellanos 2–for–17 from deep, maybe they will be more settled after watching the game unfold for a few minutes.

As someone who has been to a team's every practice while other's who simply saw home games thought they new better than coach Milan Brown, I'm certainly not criticizing Burke. It's just that the starting lineup I'd like to see is 1 Trice 2 Cajou 3 Golladay 4 Atupem 5 Barber. If Danny Thompson, however, keeps playing as well as he is, you could start him at the 5 and have a very good defensive post playing with three very good defensive guards, and you wouldn't lose much as far as athleticism.

Whatever Burke decides, though, I support. You can't question the man who eats, sleeps and breathes the program, especially in his first year.


That Loyola game, the first one I got to see since leaving the Mount, was an interesting experience for the fact that I was covering the game. I didn't envision my first time watching my alma mater since leaving the school would be as a reporter.

I essentially volunteered because my company,, launched a site in North Baltimore – an area that covers Loyola – on Monday. So I got to interview Burke, which was strange, especially after such a bad loss. But I also got to speak with my old nemesis, Jimmy Patsos. Turns out he's not half as evil as Mount students always made him out to be. He's just a passionate coach who turns into a regular guy once the horn sounds.

Here's the men's story I did.
And the women's.

And of course, check out

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Qatar gets cup instead of USA, other less important choices

I'm not going to get too deep into something I don't completely understand in regard to the behind-the-scenes details, but I will give a small rant on Qatar being selected to host the 2022 World Cup instead of the USA (and any other less important countries).

One of America's biggest selling points was an environmentally-conscious venue. As someone who is admittedly liberal on the subject of "greenness," I thought this would be a great feature of our role as hosts. Not to mention how cool it would be to have a World Cup on US soil in my lifetime. (I don't remember Chicago.)

Instead of the resource-friendly USA venue, we're going to a country where the temperature will very likely soar into triple digits most, if not all, of the days of the World Cup. What's worse, Qatar said they will air condition all 12 (I think it's 12, correct me if I'm wrong) of the stadiums. So in that regard, I don't think there could be a starker contrast. Save energy vs. pour a bunch of money into wasting a bunch of energy.

Should we blame Morgan Freeman? (Half-kidding.) Please click here (sorry about the ad, don't see it on YouTube yet) and look around the :30 mark.

Either way, I'll leave you with this Qatar highlight via @AroundTheHorn: