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Saturday, July 24, 2010

MLB Network schlop doesn't know he's still on air

While doing some work for Patch and waiting for my DirecTV technician to arrive and install my HD Dish and receiver, this gem fell into my lap. I was watching a 2009 episode of "Studio 42 with Bob Costas" featuring Willie Mays (did I mention that nothing was on TV?) and they broke the show for an Alex Rodriguez 600th home run watch. While AAAAA-Rod, failed to drop an AAAAAA-Bomb, what happened after his groundout was entertainment enough. The fun starts around the 0:41 mark.

Of course we should be disappointed that this guy, who isn't even listed on the MLB Network Web site under On-Air Personalities, didn't start waxing poetic about scotch. Or even better, drop a bunch of comments about banging Cindy from accounting last night. But for a Saturday during the dog days this wasn't a bad find.

What about my HD dish and receiver, you ask? Well DirecTV just called and said my technician was in a car accident and won't be able to make it. Too bad they don't have the same guarantee that Domino's used to or I'd be getting a free installation.

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