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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Free ride for Davidson students

Kudos to the Board of Trustees at Davidson College for funding a student trip to see their Wildcats play against Wisconsin tomorrow night in the Sweet 16.
Personally I'd pay a lot of money to see Stephen Curry play tomorrow night, especially against one of the top three defensive teams in the country (probably 1. UCLA 2. Wisconsin 3. Washington State.)
This isn't unheard of though. The Student Government association and other administration-driven organizations enabled the Mount St. Mary's students to travel to Dayton with bus transportation for $50 when the Mount faced Coppin State in the play-in game. Then just three days later they provided tickets for $35, a 15 percent discount, for any student who could find his or her own transportation to Raleigh for the game vs. North Carolina.
It's no coincidence that Davison and the Mount are two of the six smallest NCAA Division I schools in the country and their schools are so supportive of their students. I'm sure that just like at the Mount, Davidson is very close-knit and self-supportive.
Rare are the times when the Davids(ons) of the world like us (a 16 seed) and the Wildcats (a strong 10) can enjoy the NCAA tournament, let alone a run into the second weekend. Congratulations to Davidson and the Mount for realizing this special opportunity and making it easier on your students to experience it.

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