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Monday, May 5, 2008

Do you really mean it, Papa?

I almost packed my bags for a roadtrip to Cleveland on Thursday and it has nothing to do with the Cavaliers-Celtics game (which will be played in Boston anyway.)
It's because I can get a large pepperoni pizza for less than a quarter! If gas wasn't so expensive the trip would make sense financially. Wouldn't it be fun to drive to Ohio (I know, of all states) just to say you bought a Papa John's pizza for 23 cents?
If you ask me, this promotion is reason enough to forgive those blue-collared folks for picking Hillary in the primaries.
The concept of 23 cent pizzas I do love, but the reasoning for it is meager and reeks of a CYA retraction. Who cares if you upset a few people by sponsoring shirts that called LeBron James a "Crybaby"? He's a big boy in case you didn't see his triple-double in three quarters of play.
What's the worst thing that can happen, that guy in your commercials goes back to Pizza Hut? I can see it now: "Better T-shirts. Better pizza."
Once he tastes one of those Pizza Mias he'll realize he'd rather have his hands on your "dough" than theirs. Unless he eats a pepperoni and chicken Mia for breakfast the day after a rager, that guy isn't going anywhere.
And since my Jeep Cherokee got 16.3 mpg on my last fill-up, neither am I. Rest in Pizza.

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