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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Ricky ticky tock, time's up on the clock

I'm giddy and it has nothing to do with the fact that the Penguins could even the Stanley Cup Finals at two games apiece tonight.
It's because after six long months, Rick Reilly is on the verge eligibility to write columns again. Reilly left Sports Illustrated at the end of 2007 to sign a five-year, $17 million contract to write for ESPN. But SI had a clause in his contract that forbade him from doing anything for another company in the first six months after he left the magazine.
It's been five months and 30 days since he left SI. It's been five months and 30 days since I didn't cry myself to sleep.
OK, I'm exaggerating, but don't think a small part of me didn't get torn up along with Reilly's expired SI contract. I don't know what ESPN has in store for his first column, whether it will appear online in the magazine or in some new medium they invent (What's next HD?), but my wit-deprived eyes will be looking for it.

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