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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

BREAKING: Burke hires Hoop Group's Farrelly / Bye bye Burrell

According to a source, head coach Robert Burke has selected and hired Mike Farrelly, formerly a Hoop Group employee, as an assistant coach.

Farrelly has been a Director of Hoop Group ELITE for three years after coaching stops at Wilkes University as well as his alma mater, St. Joseph's University, according to the Hoop Group Web site. Farrelly was a three-year member of the Hawks team from 2000 - 2003 that featured Jameer Nelson of the Orlando Magic and Delonte West of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In Farrelly's time the team won two Atlantic 10 championships and made two NCAA tournament appearances.

This leaves the door open for one more assistant to join Burke's staff. According to an additional source, one of the four previous candidates mentioned on this blog was contacted recently about the vacant positions, although the source asked that that person's identity not be revealed. Since that person was not hired today, nor were they informed that they were out of the running for a position, it seems that Burke is on the verge of filling out his staff. As it has been 39 days since Burke was hired, this has been a perfectly reasonable amount of time to select a new staff as I explained earlier this month.

Farrelly, who turns 29 July 13, appeared in 31 games in three seasons with the Hawks.


One additional note involving one-time Mount signee Justin Burrell. It appears all but official (although it may be official by now) that the Mount staff has given up on retaining the point guard, who will likely take his talents to prep school and explore options outside of Emmitsburg.

Other recruits have been seen visiting campus although it is unclear whether any additional offers have been extended.

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Richard said...

They may as well save the two scholarships for next year- or do they have to use them up? I highly doubt that they are going to get anyone who will make an impact, this is way too late. Like the recruits RMU got, only one, Yann Charles, is half decent. The rest are just a bunch of generic bumbling stumblers, like that guy Bernard Webb they got. There still is definitely good talent on the team but no depth hardly at all. If the remaining players can provide some extreme toughness and not need many breaks, we may not be Bryant-esque, but we surely will not be in the upper echelon. Maybe a season or two will need to be sacrificed in order for it to get rebuilt again, just like many other teams at all levels go through. My big question is- will the players still give it everything they got since they lost one of their buddies? I suppose I will have to wait to go to a game to find out. Any concrete knowledge on the schedule anyone? I know Raff threw out some teams a few months ago, but I want something concrete, so I know where I get to travel to, if even, I do, after this small debacle.