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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Women's first assistant Pierce to Army

Former Mount women's basketball first assistant Jada Pierce will be leaving the program after one year to join the staff at Army. Pierce informed the players in a meeting recently of her new opportunity at West Point. If memory serves me correctly, head coach Bryan Whitten will now look to fill his first assistant position for the fourth time in as many seasons. In his tenure Whitten has seen a number of his assistants take jobs at higher level programs, or higher positions. Expect Denise King and Lisa Steele to move up one spot each from second and third assistants, respectively, while Whitten looks to bring in a young coach to serve as the third assistant.

The will be more changes before the summer is over as a couple other departing coaches must first inform their players before the news is made public.


Richard said...

As long as we got Cassie Cooke we will be quite alright!

Anonymous said...

The Mount doesn't have Cassie Cooke. Whitten, in his divine and infinite wisdom, released her. When is someone going to look at this program. He has gone through 4 assistants in 3 years and suffered through the 2 worst years of Mount women's basketball. For God's sake, they did not make the NEC tournament last season - the first time that has happened EVER! In addition, he has lost to St. Francis of New York - another new experience for the program. What is going on?

Anonymous said...

Jada said: "I could not coach another year with him!" - 'nuff said!