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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Evan Cleveland to join men's team, via anonymous poster

An anonymous poster wrote this earlier tonight on the Bri Gauthier story:

"Any idea as to who Evan Cleveland (6'6", Fort Wayne, Indiana) is? Looks like he is enrolled at the Mount. Walk on?"

I had no clue who the kid was until A. I saw the post and B. I did a little research. Here's what I can gather:

-He's a 6-foot-6 self-proclaimed point forward, though third parties describe him as more of a wing. (Wouldn't every 6-foot-6 player like to be considered a point forward?)

-He is the most annoying interviewee I've ever watched in my life. Seriously, if I were the reporter in this video (embedded below) I would've knocked the kid out. It's nothing personal, but STAND STILL, Evan. Jeez.

-Apparently he committed to play at the Mount less than a week ago - Aug. 17.

-He threw up in workouts Friday. It's odd that he was on campus that early, but maybe it is something new Burke is doing with the freshmen because I don't know of any upperclassmen that will arrive before tomorrow.

-He's not on the roster yet, but neither are any other incoming freshmen.

Welcome to the Mount, Evan. I'm looking forward to your contributions.


In conference news, the Monmouth Hawks open their season Nov. 16 at 6 a.m. hosting Stony Brook, while Robert Morris plays at 8 a.m. at Kent State. The Mount was offered the lone NEC slot in last year's 24 hours of basketball circus on ESPN, but turned it down because of the ridiculous tipoff time. As a manager, I appreciated that very much. Not sure how useful I would have been at 4:30 a.m. warmups.


Anonymous said...

Question on the men's schedule...I hear now the Savannah game is in Maryland you have an updated schedule?

BG said...

It's possible, just not according to this:

Please post a correction if you find out otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Savannah @ MSM 11/20

Better news: The three enrolled student athletes (basketball, men) have good academic records and as a group are actually rated much higher than the three originally signed. Yes, ratings are subjective but at the HS scout level, we depend on them. Be encouraged!