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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I leave, everything falls apart

I probably listened to a maximum of two Mount basketball radio broadcasts in my lifetime. I attended almost every game – home or away – in the last five seasons. And before that, the only thing I knew about Mount St. Mary's was that I picked against them in my 1995 and 1999 NCAA Tournament bracket. I never needed to listen to the Mountaineers on the radio.

Now I'm graduated, have a real job, and am still passionate about the program for which I gladly gave thousands of hours of time. I want to follow the team, and not just by looking at a box score. I need live results. To say last month's news that the Mount would be dropping its radio broadcasts is a huge dagger is an understatement.

I understand the reason – all the money we used for radio broadcasts now goes to Lindsey Munday (which is a good thing) – but the timing could not be more unfortunate.

I apologize for the domino effect I have caused by leaving the Mount. Upon my announcement, the coaches decided to take a job at Holy Cross. A significant pay increase may or may not have influenced their decision. As a result of that, our original three incoming freshman recruits decided not to come to the Mount. And now the radio debacle.

I would have much rather the school cut the radio program before I even got there. Not only would I have been oblivious that it ever existed, but there would have been a lot more room on the bus, and one less pizza for me to order. (Though Stof was a good guy to have on trips, and Roy always entertained.)

My hope is to attend some home games when I can, and when I can't, I'll watch them on my computer. But now the road matchups will be waiting games that I can only hope are broadcasted in some form by the Mount's opponents. I just hope that most of the games I do miss turn out to be wins.


Anonymous said...

There are those who only know how to complain and bitch about things. Then someone comes along and actually sees a problem and attempts to get a movement going to solve it.

You say the Mount "radio debacle". Why instead did you not:

a. Try to determine how much it would cost to broadcast the away games.

b. Find a way to use your efforts to raise the money to help the Mount?

Over and over in your rants, there rarely is anything remotely positive or forward looking. You need to make yourself a person who lives by the lessons of his Catholic education. Stop ---, Start +++.

Richard said...

Why doesn't the Mount have something special planned for the fans for midnight madness? I have scoured info on many other small schools, and most all have something going on. Like a meet and greet, scrimmage, activities, etc. The Mount even used to at least have a few exhibition games. Lately they have been very bland, they had nothing but a secret, closed scrimmage against UMBC and blue-white game. Let me guess, it costs too much?