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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Kevin Robinson Jr. is a father (It's not as scary as it sounds)

Congrats to former Mount assistant Kevin Robinson Jr. and his wife, Trish, on the birth of their daughter last night. Here is KRob's status announcing her arrival.

"Welcome to this world Kathleen Nicole Robinson- 8.45 lbs. Mommy and baby are doing great. 21.75 inches, 13.6 in head."

I vividly remember the night I found out KRob was going to be a father. I was in Ott's with some of the players after a game when I texted KRob to come out for some food. He responded saying he couldn't make it but he also couldn't tell me why.

Slightly alarmed by his sketchy justification for not coming, I began to respond asking if everything was OK. Before I could sent the text, he wrote back telling me he had to "spend some time with his pregnant wife." The grizzly-bearded son of a gun couldn't hold it in for more than two minutes after originally saying he couldn't tell me why he wasn't coming out.

Although I haven't seen him in months since the old staff made its move to Worcester, I have talked to KRob on the phone and I know he was extremely excited to become a father. Hopefully he is as cool of a dad as Kevin Robinson Sr.

Congrats again to KRob, who is like a big brother to me. Looks like coach Dan Engelstad is the last one on staff to become a father! (Just kidding, coach. For now.)


Anonymous said...

Ready to hear about the Blue White scrimmage! What'd ya think?

BG said...

I think I am sad to report that I live in the real world and did not see the game. Still trying to work out some trips to see games this year.

Richard said...

Hey BG!!! Did you hear about the big guy the Mount signed from Fredericksburg? Heck back from 2000 to 2003 I lived in Stafford and Fredericksburg and missed the Mount games(only time I ever missed any home games). Well, here is the link for the recruit.