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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mount Signs Fredericksburg Forward Danaher

According to this story from, the Mount has signed 6-foot-10 (not 6-foot-6 as an earlier typo indicated) Taylor Danaher from Fredericksburg, Va. He will play his senior season at Fredericksburg Christian School after averaging 24 points, 14 rebounds and six blocks in his junior season in the Central Virginia Homeschool Athletic Association.

He chose the Mount over Longwood.

Thanks to Richard for sharing this link.


Anonymous said...

He is 6'10", wears a size 20 shoe and may turn out to be the best thing talent wise for the Mount since Melvin Whitaker. Check your sources before writing.

Richard said...

Hey anonymous, quit being so mean to BG. Maybe it was a typo. You do not know all the details either. I doubt Danaher has as much talent as Whitaker. I did not see any bigtime schools that recruited him much. however Whitaker surely was. danaher seems like a guy that Burke would get. Danaher seems somewhat of a Patriot league type or maybe Ivy. I highly doubt he will be as athletic as Whitaker. The guy is white and I am not wanting to sound racist, but black guys overall are more athletic than white guys. I predict Danaher will either be a blue collar type averaging 8 a game, playing good D and a tough rebounder or a finesse big guy with some long range shooting like Krajina. That is usually how players of his characteristics do- unless you play ona Duke-type team.

BG said...

Hey, douche, get your panties out of a bunch. I posted a link, it's not like I intentionally wrote the wrong height. My bad.

Anonymous said...

BG - you are dishonest. You DID NOT post the link.

Also, what kind of morons do you think we are to believe that "6" instead of "10" could be a typo?

BG said...

Wow, you are an idiot. It is hyper-linked at the beginning of the story as it has been the whole time. Go to Google cache for proof.

And a typo doesn't just mean the keys have to be close together, it means you "typed" a mistake. I pasted the link, read the story, and mistakenly wrote 6 instead of 10. My fingers didn't slip as you imply, I thought I read 6 and typed it. A typo can be a conscious error. Even better, I admitted it when you corrected me and said so in the post.

You're just another worthless illiterate who comes on here anonymously nitpicking. Why don't you use your real name and say something good about the team?

Richard said...

Anonymous, if you are one of those fairweather Mount fans, only go to 'important' games to make yourself look good, or kiss oss like some so called supporters do, then yes you ARE a moron. Most likely you are one of those for I have not seen many if any fans go to games like I did the past few years. I did not make the Ohio trip- should have cuz we had Cincy on thee ropes! However, I shall be at the Penn St., Va tech, Loyola, Albany, SFNY/LIU, and maybe the Vermont games. Anonymous, make sure you sit beside me at all those games too. I will be there, depending on how efficiently I get my school work done. BG you rock! You tell em!

Anonymous said...

this does sound like someone Burke would recruit....and NO he wasnt recruited anywhere, so there's no comparison to Whitaker. Hopefully he's factoring in the guys academic performance, some of Burkes other recruits are ineligible because of the academic problem! What a waste! They're gonna need something next year cause by the looks of things...... the season is starting off SLOW.