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Saturday, November 27, 2010

RMU's Abraham suspected of drinking and driving

Robert Morris star and last season's Northeast Conference Rookie of the year is suspected of drinking and driving. He was recently suspended from a matchup with Pittsburgh because of a "violation of team rules," and now the Beaver County Times is reporting that, "Abraham, who struck both a moving car and a parked car, has been charged with driving under the influence, driving under the influence with a blood alcohol content above 0.159 percent, underage drinking and careless driving, according to the Moon police report. The report did not list his blood-alcohol level."

(Thanks to Richard for sharing the link.)

A couple thoughts:

1. Definitely nice to see Robert Morris lose its best player in a manner where no one was physically injured.

2. As Mount fans, let's not be too critical. We saw one of our starters, Joey Butler, get caught making a huge mistake that altered his life. Joey's a great guy and still a close friend, and has moved well beyond his mistake to become successful.

So yeah, Karon screwed up, what's bad for Robert Morris is good for us, but let's not go overboard kicking the kid while he's down. I'll be very interested to see how the administration handles this compared to the Mount.

I can tell you for a fact that you can get a DUI at the Mount and not only keep some or all of your scholarship, but not even be forced to sit out an entire season. I have seen multiple occasions where Mount student-athletes got DUIs and served suspensions that did not even amount to half of the season. (No one from within the school will call me out on this because it's true.)

Here's hoping Abraham is given a second chance at Robert Morris or some other school. A kid with his talent should be put on a strict probation and be allowed to play again after serving a just punishment.

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Richard said...

I bet Karon will get the 'star treatment' though. Heck, Chiapazzi says that he may only miss a few games, if any. Don't worry he will get off the hook somehow though. Sorry but I have to be critical of him because I have seen him more than most Mount fans. I go to some RMU games the past few seasons, not just ones involving the Mount. I thought Karon was going to be ok last year, but, oh my, you should see how his attitude changed this year. He really acts big-time cocky up there. I guess that success went to his head and they treat him like royalty, it isn't any wonder. In my opinion he is way overrated. He travels way too many times. He just happens to hit clutch shots or have good performances in big games. RMU has had quite a run with thugs and classless players with attitudes haven't they? I know Joey Butler too (he is cool as heck) but I haven't talked to him since last year- he did nice up at St. Vincent. He also took the rap for another former MSM player that I won't mention as well. Anyways, Karon better get equal treatment or I will be in an uproar. His old daddy Rat Rice will probably come to his rescue.