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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mar-teeny: Kansas State coach calls out Mount

Whether the comment was a shot at Mount St. Mary's, its coach, or just a shot in the dark, it's hard to say. But Kansas State head coach Frank Martin's remark featured on "The Pitch" that, "It's not like we're Mount St. Mary's. We've played these kinds of games before," should ruffle a few feathers.

The quote was used to essentially say that the Wildcats will not be scared of Duke like he suggests our Mountaineers would be. I hate to break it to the polarizing general from Manhattan, Kansas, but the Mount would be plenty comfortable – though still overmatched – in a game with Duke. Under Milan Brown, the Mount played the toughest non-conference schedule in the NEC every single year, and Robert Burke has accepted a beefy slate this year as well.

I don't think this Duke team is so high and mighty that it could not be compared to a matchup with: Cincinnati, Penn St., Virginia Tech, Oklahoma, Oregon, Siena, Old Dominion, George Mason, Winthrop (when there were awesome), Georgetown or, best of all, the Tyler Hansbrough/Ty Lawson (as juniors) North Carolina team. Hell, there's more pressure when we play Robert Morris than there would be against Duke.

So no, this isn't a diss on Martin. And it's certainly not to say that the Mount is as good on paper as Kansas State, but I sure as hell would like to go play them next year. Or better yet, around the third weekend in March.

If I get an update, and you better believe I'm digging, I'll post it. Go 'Cats.


JustinM said...

I stumbled across your blog looking for this story - great angle. I didn't know MSM was a school that you could drop in a casual comparison, but I guess it is. K State needs to adjust the attitude of their players or they're going to give the NBA a good name.

"We've seen our share of hookups, but we're not handing out STDs like Kansas State." Justin MSM C'05

Richard said...

hey Brad!!!!!! Check this out!!!! This is awesome!!! I simply cannot stand him either!! See, he is not so wonderful after all is he? Try to post the story and link as a headline too buddy. That'll teach them from calling us roaches won't it? I hope I see you at the game tomorrow buddy. Here is the link:

Anonymous said...

I do not wish bad things on anyone, lest they are to happen to those I love.

BUT - what happened happened, not by my desire. Now, good bye Karon and good luck next year somewhere.