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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Derrick Mason: "I guarantee you we're going to win more games."

I'm glad Ravens wide receiver Derrick Mason is feeling spry. So well, in fact, that he guaranteed Baltimore would win more than five games (its 2007 total) this season. Thank you, Derrick, for such a bold statement to give all the Purple Faithful hope for at least a six-win season.

From the Baltimore Sun:

And it's with his usual confidence that he predicts the Ravens will be much better than last year's 5-11 record despite so much youth on offense.

"You can't go off what you did last year, whether you were an 11-5 team or a 5-11 team," Mason said. "You can't do it. This league changes so fast with free agency, so just because you were at the bottom of the league the previous year doesn't necessarily mean you're going to be in the bottom of the league the following year.

"I believe we're going to prove that. We're not going to be the same team. I guarantee you we're going to win more games than [last year]."

In related news, Bart Scott plans on hurting as many of those young offensive players as possible between now and the Sept. 7 season opener vs. Cincinnati.

A separate Sun story:

Until the season starts, though, the pain apparently will stay in-house. In the past two days at McDaniel College, Scott, an inside linebacker, has delivered hits hard enough to knock the helmets off two running backs.

When he separated rookie runner Ray Rice from his helmet yesterday, Scott quickly retrieved it and tossed it downfield. It was reminiscent of last season, when Scott picked up an official's flag in frustration and heaved it into the stands in a December loss to the New England Patriots. That toss drew another Ravens penalty.

Enjoy the season, Ravens fans!

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