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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More annoying? Michelle Wie vs. Britney Spears

Does Michelle Wie's saga remind anyone else of Britney Spears'?

Whose parents are worse?
Michelle's parents control her every move and shop her around the world to pad their wallets.

I don't even know who Britney's dad is, but I know her mom sold out Jamie Lynn for money from Gossip.

Edge: Spears

More money for doing less:
Wie definitely works hard on her game although she has sponsorships in the $10 million range and isn't a full-time member of any tour. (She has one LPGA exemption left.)

I think Spears has just one Grammy nomination for "Toxic," but she was very attractive early in her career and put out multiple albums.

Edge: Wie

Bigger fall off the map:
Wie hasn't won anything that anyone cares about since taking the Women's U.S. Public Links Championship when she was 13.

Spears shaved her head.

Edge: Spears

I'll give Britney the final edge as a younger Wie still has a chance to redeem herself. I just hope it doesn't come this week.

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