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Sunday, July 13, 2008

NASCAR driver on steroids!

Kyle Busch has to be on steroids. I don't know much about NASCAR, but I do know that nobody wins seven races by July without a little performance enhancement.

Yeah, right, Busch is probably cleaner than his engine. And I'm glad we have a sport where someone can dominate and nobody can accuse that person of getting an edge with steroids.

So wait a minute, you're telling me a driver could be in better shape than the rest of his competitors and the only advantage he would have is being able to defend himself against Tony Stewart after running him into the wall?

Well then why the hell do some people still call race car driving a sport? Sure, being in shape has its advantages: staying focused longer, being able to do a backflip off your car or climb a fence after a victory and of course actually being able to fit inside your car.

If those are the only benefits of being in good shape as a driver, then I still think the oversized Tony Gwynn could make a run at the Sprint Cup.

Congrats to Busch, but please don't call him an athlete.

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