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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mount loses Morales

According to Donte Morales's Facebook page, he is going to UNC Wilmington next year. One of the Mount's two stud recruits was expected to stay with the Mount if Brion Dunlap was named head coach, but it appears that the school's foot-dragging has cost them a premium player for the Northeast Conference level.

Morales's status at 11:13 a.m. on Sunday, May 2: "goin to UNC Wilmington".

The Mount's other prized commit, Justin Burrell was the first to comment on his status: "you commited or you just goin to visit?"

This was Morales's response: "i wnt onthe visit bro now im commited bro".

It will be interesting to see what Burrell, who I do not believe has been released from his letter of intent yet, decides to do in regards to waiting for the coach to be named or exploring his own options. The search timeline has already gone well past the two week period athletic director Lynne Robinson originally set to find a head coach.


Anonymous said...

Stud my ass. No loss. Read his UNCW post, the kid does not know what he is or where he is going.

Imagine someone "going for a pickup game" and suddenly deciding "he knew in his gut it was the right place for him".

As with any young person, we wish him well, but do not mistake this for a loss for the Mount. It is NOT the 'foot dragging' of Lynne, rather your own prejudice, that is the problem. You obviously have some reason to favor Brion Dunlap.

Your comment about Burrell is just an attempt to foment further problems; it has no basis.

You are probably a friend to Dunlap, and that is to be applauded, but don't confuse your desires with good judgment. The Mount needs a good head coach and eventually it will prosper.

Anonymous said...

Any idea on who the last interview was today?

BG said...

I do have loyalties to Brion and I hope he gets the job. I don't believe he's the only person who could do well for the job but taking into account all the intricacies of this situation I think he is clearly the best fit. I will be infull support of whoever is named head coach, but I hope it's Brion.
Donte is in fact a big loss. Just because this high school senior made some immature comments doesn't mean he wouldn't fit in here. He was about to go to Air Force, a Mountain West school, before the Mount, and then A10 schools were looking at him after he got his release. I'd say there is a very slim chance Brion could lure him back if he gets the job.
And I can't say much about the interviews. Also I should clarify that President Powell is likely the one driving the selection process and Lynne probably shouldn't shoulder all the blame for the length of the process as Powell has the final say.

Anonymous said...

There is no BLAME for doing whatever the administration has to do to make the best choice.

The whole issue of impending doom you are creating just shows either immaturity, anxiety or some combination thereof.

Take a Xanax or wait 15 years longer before you criticize - you just haven't the experience to know of what you speak!