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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Mount administrators serve stiff drinks

Members of the Mount's athletic department as well as a few more well-known figures at the school partook in a "celebrity bar tending event" last night at the Ott House that raised $1,300 for the Emmitsburg Food Bank.

Lawyer, Mount professor and King of Emmitsburg, Kevin Robinson Sr. was among the first wave of bartenders at 7 p.m. I can vouch for his heavy hand with the liquor as he gave patrons more than their money's worth in his 30 minutes of labor.

Director of Public Safety Barry Titler and director of athletics Lynne Robinson were featured in a later shift as was Dean David Rehm. Titler's highlight was carrying empty kegs out the back door - something we would all love to see him do on campus.

In the last shift of the night Mount women's soccer coach Tom "Goose" Gosselin was joined by his brother Jon garnering the most attention behind the bar than at any other point during the night - because of Tom's charisma. Goose, although not as heavy-handed as KRob, was also generous with the drinks.

The top tip of the night was $101, but the jack-of-all-trades Tom Gosselin dropped a generous $27 tip before the evening was over.

Although this has little to do with sports, it was one of the more fun (and expensive) nights I have spent at the Ott House in the last five years. And because of the athletic figures who took some time out for a good cause, I thought it deserved a mention.

And thanks again to KRob and Goose for the well-mixed Coke and rums.


Anonymous said...

The Mount and Ott's should not associate itself with Jon Gosselin. Unfortunately, we've made him a "celebrity". He's a media whore and has little character. Although it was a good cause.

Richard said...

Were the players there partying too? Back in my younger years, I went to some wild parties after games with players such as big Al Watson, Steve Kinney, Mike Tate, etc. Don't tell me the players don't drink or do other party favors, lol.

Richard said...

yes, all those charity-type things are for a good cause, but do you seriously believe that all the money collected goes to those things?

Anonymous said...

Celebrity bartending? Professors, athletic director, coaches, and Jon Gosselin? What's next - celebrity street walkers?