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Thursday, May 20, 2010

BREAKING: Paulus seen on campus for interview

Greg Paulus is in fact interested in coaching at Mount St. Mary's. So much so that he was seen interviewing with coach Robert Burke on campus Thursday.

As Burke has filled his first and second coaching posts and the third vacant with the possibility of adding an additional position, Paulus is likely pursuing the third assistant position as that is the only traditional coaching position still open.

Expect to see Burke use his Georgetown ties to fill one of the top two slots on his staff.

As for Paulus, the former Duke point guard would be a great addition to the Mount staff. Although it is somewhat perplexing that Paulus would pursue a job that carries a salary likely less than $30,000 - and probably closer to $20,000 - instead of making at least three times that much overseas, it would be the Mount's good fortune.

As I mentioned in the post speculating that Paulus may still be interested in coaching at the Mount, he would bring great recognition to the program. It is unlikely that he would stay around for more than two seasons, and possibly one, but Burke and the school should do everything it can to exploit his name if he is hired - and there is no reason to believe that he will not be.

He surely would be a great recruiter with a keen recognition of skilled, intelligent basketball players. Additionally, he would replace former third assistant Dan Engelstad as the youngest assistant who can most easily relate to the players as he is fresh out of his playing days. (Sam Atupem would fill that role as well if he is hired on Burke's staff in some form.)

Rest assured that the Mount would be nothing but a stepping stone for Paulus (as well as for Burke and the rest of his staff at some point), but while he is likely ours, we must make the most of it. Since all but one member of Burke's staff is in place, look for an official announcement within the next week, if not by the end of the month, on just whom he has hired. As a diehard Maryland fan during my childhood it pains me to say this, but I will be more than happy to see Paulus on the sidelines in Knott Arena.


Anonymous said...

Brad just to be clear Paulus would most likely be the 3rd assistant? I hope he gets on the staff and I hope it makes ESPN's bottomline. Any news on the recruiting front? Was today signing day?

BG said...

As I understand, third assistant is the only position still open, so yes. I also hope for the things you mentioned.
I don't expect us to retain Justin Burrell for a couple reasons, but if we get Paulus on board soon enough, that may turn the tide. Not to mention that we have another scholarship to give away (with Donte's departure) and this could give us a chance to get a great steal late.
Burke wanted to announce his staff before the player return for summer classes (June 1) so I think an announcement is almost imminent.
And I'm not 100 percent certain of the signing dates but there is still plenty of time to sign players.

Anonymous said...

Want to know if Burke might be good for the Mount? First indications will be the assistants, next the immediate recruits signed, and then the list of recruits 'interested' for 2011.

Oh, you might want to throw in the summer training programs, scheduling for the coming year (whatever latitude he might have, if any) and finally how the team looks in the coming season.

Here's hoping on all fronts.

icepack said...

The new MSM assistant from G'town is Matt Henry.

BG said...
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BG said...

Yup, he will be the first assistant. The second has not been decided on and hopefully the third is Paulus.

Anonymous said...

Henry from Georgetown is a great hire.

BG said...

I don't know much about him, feel free to share more. I'm excited and I think Burke is putting together a great staff.

icepack said...

Matt Henry coached for I think 2 or 3 years at his college, then spent about 4 years as the Director of BB Operations with G'town. All around good reviews.