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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Now Hiring: Will Holland ... Former guard works to land pro contract

Will Holland - Mount Basketball Class of 2010
Hometown: Houston, Texas
Major: Sports Management
Minor: Business

Holland, who was a starter on the Mount's 2008 Northeast Conference championship team, just finished a multi-day quasi-tryout in San Antonio in hopes of getting picked up to play basketball professionally. Although the camp in which he participated was primarily for a Korean league scout to recruit American posts, Holland says there is a chance he could be signed as well.

"Since Friday I’ve been in San Antonio, I just got back [Tuesday]. I’ve been working out and then I had kind of like a tryout," Holland said. "There was a scout there, he scouts for the Korean league, and he scouts for a league in Australia and the NBA D-League. He was there checking out some people so I’ve been over there since Friday working out with them.

"It was mainly like a big man camp. They had some Korean coaches. All they look for is big men, like American big men. But the scout … they go off the dude’s word," added Holland, who played shooting guard and small forward throughout his career.

Although Holland said he would be grateful to earn a pro contract anywhere at this point, he does have some preferences.

"If I had to pick some place overseas, I don’t know, I think Italy might be nice. Somewhere where they spoke some English of some sort," said Holland, who would like the chance to play in America on some level more than he would want to take a trip to another country.

"My dream would be to play here – anywhere in America. Maybe [the NBA D-League] like the first year or two. Pay wouldn’t be better but being here would probably be better … Then there’s always the chance of getting called up [to the NBA]. You could definitely get some money for that."

If he does not receive a contract offer by the beginning of the fall, though, Holland is prepared to go on a job hunt.

"If I don’t have an offer by August or September I guess I’ll start looking [for a job]," Holland said. "[No one's going to hire] a 30-year-old with no experience, let alone a 22-year-old with no experience."

Of course the NBA would be Holland's ultimate goal, but he realizes how lofty that dream is and would relish any further opportunity to play basketball.

"I’d like to play in the NBA – that’d be my dream," Holland said. "I’m trying to play somewhere, anywhere really."

Check back tomorrow for an update on class of 2010 graduate Kevin Jones.

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