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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Kept in Beli-check

Bill Belichick obviously wasn't fazed by the Super Bowl loss as far as his composure with the media.
In his live NFL Network interview between the 13th and 14th picks of the draft, he was asked about his draft pick, the decision not to draft an offensive lineman to protect Tom Brady and of course the Super Bowl loss itself.
Not even coaching fraternity members Steve Mariucci and Brian Billick could penetrate the armor that is part of Belichick's brick wall. How could you expect to hear anything less than the fact that Mayo is a great player who likes football?
When asked why they chose Mayo over other potential players including an offensive lineman such as Brandon Albert he said they did what was best for their football team.
And finally when Billick had the chutzpah to ask Belichick about the sting of the Super Bowl loss, he said they had already moved on to 2008 and put the loss behind them.
How great would it have been if Rich Eisen asked Belichick about Spygate.
Potential dialogue:
Rich: What is your reaction to the NFL finding a middle ground to meet with Matt Walsh, your former video coordinator?
Bill: (Pause) Well we've gone through a lot of changes on our roster and our staffs since we beat the Rams in the Super Bowl and we're going to continue to do what's best for our team.
Rich: But are you concerned that he might have incriminating tapes from the past that provide further evidence that your team cheated?
Bill: The only video I've had a chance to look at recently is of Jerod and some of the other guys on our draft board.
Rich: Are you concerned that you could be fined or even suspended if further violations are revealed?
Bill: I'm concerned that we have a really tough schedule this year and if we don't draft the right players we will have a hard time getting back to the Super Bowl.

I can't wait to see what evidence Walsh provides. How great would it be if Belichick had to worry more about getting back to the sidelines than preparing for the New York Jets?

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