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Friday, April 25, 2008

Wammi Youuu: Crank dat DeShawn

On a night when Soulja Boy attends the Wizards-Cavs game, Carlos Boozer knocks Carl Landry's tooth out, a courtside Jazz fan gets tossed for reasons I still am not clear about and Tracy McGrady scores his first fourth quarter field goal of the series, I wonder why some people still refuse to accept the NBA Playoffs as one of the great sports spectacles.
Caron Butler even did a little crankin' after his and-one late in a game that was well out of hand at the time. I can't wait to see how DeShawn Stevenson responds to his own performance last night. He'll probably attribute the success to his mentor Soulja Boy while LeBron AKA Jay-Z was unable to carry his team to a 3-0 series lead.
Back to McGrady for a second though -- he is a sad excuse for a playoff baller. That brick he threw up at the end of the game was embarrassing. Charles Barkley's golf swing is pretty than McGrady's fourth quarter playoff performances.
I'm still not sure how the Rockets managed to win this game. After Kyle Korver hit that three to bring the Jazz within what I think was four points (93-89?), it looked as if the Western Conference Semifinals would only take eight games combined.
In the East, I think if the Wizards really want to have a shot, they should sign Frank Thomas and have him go Marty McSorley on LeBron and save Brendan Haywood the technicals. Otherwise he's going to come back more pissed off than ever for the rest of the series en route to a rematch with the Pistons in the Eastern Conference Finals.
And speaking of McSorley/hockey, can we just skip to the Penguins-Red Wings already? Someone tell me A. Who will stop Sidney Crosby B. Who will stop Detroit C. Who in their right mind would trade for Pacman Jones.
Nevermind on part C.

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