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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rich for a price

Rich Rodriguez has me more worried than Ross in the season finale of Friends where they're at the beach and he has to choose between Rachel and that strange girl that shaved her head.
It's not like we can still pick Lloyd Carr (Rachel) since he's gone, which doesn't break my heart to begin with. What we have to do is learn to tolerate Rodriguez (baldy) because it's starting to get ugly.
I was watching SportsCenter this morning and Pat White starts talking about how much more free he feels with Bill Stewart running the Mountaineers. That he doesn't feel as if he's lost a first-born child every time he throws an incompletion or doesn't run for a first down, or something along those lines.
Sure I'm exaggering what White said, but not the general vibe given off by the bitter Mountaineer fans and the skeptically-stoked Wolverines fans. Apparently the spread offense isn't all that Rodriguez brough with him.
I'm not saying that he has to get along with Jim Tressel (who could with that damn sweater vest he wears?) but it's probably not good when he and Purdue coach Joe Tiller say he's already broken an unwritten code in Big 10 recruiting circles. I'm not against getting the best recruits possible, but how is it that Rodriguez is the only coach to be accused of breaking this gentleman's agreement?
And finally, Dave Letterman style, the No. 1 reason you know that something's up with Rich Rodriguez: one of Michigan's linebackers just transferred -- to the Buckeyes! Are you kidding me? Remember that ESPN commercial where the guy jumps out of his blind date's moving SUV because he's an OSU alum and she's a Michigan grad? This guy just said, 'You know what, honey, I love you so much I want to like the Buckeyes, too.'
I don't care if he is from Columbus, the fact that he left is the ultimate red flag, and if I had a red flag right now, I would throw it out to challenge Michigan's decision to hire Rodriguez.

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