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Friday, April 4, 2008

Hellooo, Brooklyn!

This is funny. When I was home for Easter I was pleasantly surprised to find this year's Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue in my basket.

It wasn't until later that week that I had a chance to flip through the magazine and read some of the stories. Oddly enough, there are pictures in the magazine too, and one or two or three in particular caught my eye.

There was a girl my age named Brooklyn Decker. If her parents could have seen 20 years into the future they might as well have named her Dolly Decker and had her sing country songs.

There were three reasons I didn't start scouring the universe for her contact information. 1. I had just shook Erin Andrews' hand about a week before and there was no way I was going to cheat on her already. 2. She's from Ohio. 3. The whole Andy-Roddick-called-dibs-in-September thing.

Now it looks as if Roddick has joined Tiger Woods and Tom Brady as the happiest men in the world. Not only is he engaged to a relatively recently legalized and not-so-long-ago-teenager, but he finally beat Roger Federer again yesterday in the quarterfinals of the Sony Ericsson Open.

Like Roddick, I have anger problems, play a sport closely associated with country clubs, and once beat the No. 1 player in my sport (on XBox,) so does that mean I have a real chance with Erin after all?

(Didn't get the title? "Hello, Brooklyn!")

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